Federal Government

Federal Government

Supply Arrangement: Seating
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-120001/037/PQ

Supply Arrangement: Furniture for Work Spaces
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-140003/004/PQ

Supply Arrangement : Collaborative Furniture
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-140003/004/PQ

Work Coverage: Work Coverage

Please contact us at one of the following to confirm the list of manufacturers and products we carry under each contract.

Darrell Brown, President
Phone: 204-479-7556
E-mail: darrell@kisik.biz

Laurel Stefura, Sales
Phone: 431-200-2345
E-mail: laurel@kisik.biz

Debbie Rae, Sales
Phone: 204-291-8613
E-mail: debbie@kisik.biz

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