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August 6, 2021 - Toronto, Ontario - Public Services and Procurement Canada

Through collaboration between Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), the Government of Canada is implementing a mandatory requirement for federal departments and agencies to ensure a minimum of 5 % of the total value of contracts are held by Indigenous businesses. This requirement will include public reporting and will be phased in over 3 years, beginning this year, with a number of federal departments who are ready to immediately begin this work, with full implementation expected by 2024.

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Seating and Work Spaces Options

Supply Arrangement: Seating
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-120001/037/PQ

Supply Arrangement: Furniture for Work Spaces
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-140003/004/PQ

Supply Arrangement : Collaborative Furniture (coming soon)
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-140003/004/PQ

Work Coverage: Work Coverage


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Laurel Stefura, Sales
Phone: 431-200-2345
E-mail: laurel@kisik.biz


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