Federal Government

Federal Government

Government Year End Quick Ship Program

Global's Federal Government team worked on this and looked at what we had to offer in our regular 2 Day and 7 Day programs that matched what we had on our SA offering in order to make it easier to offer, quote, and order products that had quick turnarounds.

Please don't hesitate to call us directly with any questions

Call: 204-949-0646 or Email: info@kisik.biz

2 Day instock | 7 Day express

Seating and Work Spaces Options

Supply Arrangement: Seating
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-120001/037/PQ

Supply Arrangement: Furniture for Work Spaces
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-140003/004/PQ

Supply Arrangement : Collaborative Furniture (coming soon)
Supply Arrangement No: E60PQ-140003/004/PQ

Work Coverage: Work Coverage


Please contact us at one of the following to confirm the list of manufacturers and products we carry under each contract.

Darrell Brown, President
Phone: 204-479-7556
E-mail: darrell@kisik.biz

Laurel Stefura, Sales
Phone: 431-200-2345
E-mail: laurel@kisik.biz

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If you would like to be informed when additions to our offerings become available for new products, solutions and trends within the Supply Arrangement or if you would like to connect with our Supply Arrangement team, please complete the online form below:

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