Architectural Wall Solutions

Architectural Wall Solutions

We offer a wide variety of architectural wall options for the partitioning of workplace space.

These demountable architectural wall solutions provide an adaptable and movable office solution that is environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

Allowing for natural light to flow and maintaining an open space feel, while still providing a level of privacy you desire.

Other benefits include

  • Reduces drywall construction and demolition waste shipped to landfill.
  • Reduces carpet waste associated with cutting around drywall construction.
  • Lack of drywall dust and paint fumes improves indoor air quality.
  • Aluminum and steel components can be separated for end-of-life recycling; steel components contain recycled content.
  • Altos adapts to site conditions and architectural elements such as bulkheads, window sills, baseboards and drapery pockets.
  • Filler panels, adjustable wall ends and wall starts tailor-fit Altos to building structures.

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